Campaigners win battle for legal aid for prisoners

Campaigners are celebrating a ground-breaking victory in a key court of appeal battle over access to legal aid for prisoners. Read more...


Working with sex offenders and paedophiles


The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO) aims to reduce sexual offending by offering therapy to the (potential and actual) perpetrators in order to prevent harm, and thus protect society.

StopSO connects clients asking for help with a specially trained, experienced psychotherapist (or counsellor) who is geographically close. This service is available to anyone who feels at risk of committing a sexual offence, as well as those who have already committed a sexual offence. StopSO also offers therapy to the family members of sexual offenders.

Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist Michael Stock from StopSO tells us about his approach to working with sex offenders and paedophiles.




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    Are you an ex-offender with a tattoo?

    Do you, or does someone you know, have a tattoo that was inked in prison? Or perhaps they got a tattoo after they left prison?

  • The key to success with Timpson

    Darren Burns, Recruitment Ambassador for the Timpson chain is proud of his company’s statistic. "We have nine shops managed by people who spent last night in prison".

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    Ex-offender turned mentor receives award

    An ex-offender has received a prestigious award from HRH The Princess Anne, in recognition of his outstanding dedication, skill and creativity in encouraging others to turn away from crime.

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    Choirs Beating Time

    What Gareth Malone has done for schoolchildren and army wives, two women are now doing for prisoners.