Life balancing with a disabled child

Over half of UK parents of a disabled child are struggling to combine work with caring for their child, according to a study by the UK's work life balance charity Working Families and childcare provider Bright Horizons. Read more...


  • Can you spot a scam?

    We all pride ourselves on being able to spot a fraud but, these days, with ever-growing numbers and types of scams and fraudsters employing increasingly sophisticated techniques, just how vulnerable are we?

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    New taxi accessibility law is toothless

    A new law which means that taxi drivers £1,000 fines if they discriminate against wheelchair users is in danger of being toothless according to a disability rights activist.

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    Disabled student opens doors for aspiring journalists

    A disabled student barred from pursuing his chosen career in journalism because of his inability to do shorthand has succeeded in persuading the college to review their course structure.

  • Not every disability is visible

    Four of the UK's leading supermarkets have agreed to install new signs to help customers with 'invisible' conditions such as Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.