Do you know someone who needs a helping hand?

If you, or someone in your family, needs some help - changes to the home to make it more suitable, or just a hand with household chores, there are places who can help.

Lucy Harmer, Director of Services at Independent Age, the older people's charity, gives her expert tips on what to do if you need help to be able to stay in your current home. The charity has just launched a free advice guide, called Getting help at home: Ways to stay independent.

The guide looks at:

  • Getting help with household chores
  • Equipment and adaptations to make life easier
  • Gadgets to make you feel safer
  • Staying connected at home
  • Extra money if you need help to look after yourself
  • Home from hospital help
  • Help with personal care at home
  • Making a complaint

The guide can be ordered for free via or by calling 0800 319 6789.

The advice in this guide applies to England only. A lot of it will still be relevant to you but we have a few suggestions if you are looking for advice that is specific to other parts of the UK.