Supporting the hidden victims

Many older people are living in fear of those who are supposed to love and care for them, according to a report which highlights the unique difficulties faced by older people experiencing domestic abuse. Read more...


Help with school essentials

Families in need across the UK will receive grants for uniforms, text books or new school shoes through a joint education fund from Action for Children and consultants, Turner & Townsend. Read more...


Disappointing downturn in services for women offenders

Probation staff are doing some excellent work with women who commit crime, but their efforts are hampered by a lack of accommodation for women, doubts over the future of Women’s Centres, and a lack of funding.. Read more...


Virgin Trains helps end re-offending

Virgin Trains is making prison recruitment fairs a regular part of its talent-hunting process. Read more...


Attendance Allowance campaign success

The Government has decided not to pass the responsibility for Attendance Allowance to local councils following a successful Age UK campaign on behalf of older people with a disability. Read more...

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    The Citizen Online is written and published by The Citizens Trust, a charity supporting disadvantaged people. Under the mission statement, "The Voice of Conscience for a Caring Nation", we produced the Disability Times, a national monthly newspaper for disabled people, their families, carers and friends. We also provided Dis-Ability Update, a weekly service on Channel 4 Teletext.

    The Citizen Online is a combination of an online newspaper and the accessible 'soundbites' provided by the old Teletext service. By presenting some of the struggles, aims and victories of people from different backgrounds, it aims to encourage the understanding essential for harmony within our diverse society. We hope readers will find things of interest within most categories; the communities may be different, but the stories and the needs are so often the same.